1. Fertility

6. Fertility at times of crisis: from economic recession to climate change
115. Fertility
116. The Role of Culture for Childbearing
117. Consequences of Armed Conflict for Childbearing
118. Fertility of Migrants
119. Health and Fertility
120. Gender Equality and Fertility
121. Sex-Selection at Birth
122. Social Inequality and Fertility
123. The Relationships between Fertility and Mortality
124. Fertility Intentions
125. Labour Market Conditions and Fertility
126. Effects of Economic and Political Uncertainty on Fertility
127. Fertility Timing
128. Childlessness
129. Education and Fertility
130. Fertility over Time and Space
131. PopTalk Family and fertility in the changing world of work

2. Families and Households

95. Challenges of Parenting
96. Union Dissolution 1
97. Economic Precariousness and the Family
98. Gender and Family Finance
99. Relationship Development
100. Union Dissolution 2
101. Singlehood and Relationships in the 21st Century
102. Parenthood and Paid/Unpaid Work
103. Children in Diverse Family Structures
104. Family Values and Behaviour
105. (Re)Production of Inequalities
106. Consequences of Union Dissolution
107. Flash Session Fertility, Family and the Life Course

3. Life Course

2. Economic and Emotional Well-being across the Life Course
108. Life Course
109. Economic and Emotional Well-being across the Life Course
110. Life Course: Linked Lives
111. Life Course: Transition to Adulthood
112. Intergenerational Linkages across the Life Course
113. Life Course Influences on Physical and Mental Health
114. Life Course influences on Children's Outcomes

4. Ageing and Intergenerational Relations

50. Ageing and Intergenerational Relations
51. Policies for Ageing Populations
52. Mental Health of Older People
53. Inequalities in Care Received and Provided
54. Intergenerational Spillover Effects
55. Caregiving
56. Kin Availability at Older Ages and Its Consequences on Health
57. Social Networks and Social Support among Older People

5. Internal Migration and Urbanization

7. Internal migration and the segregation of migrants
58. Internal Migration and Urbanization
59. Family and Life Course Perspective on Internal Migration
60. Urbanization and Mortality
61. Skills, Labour Market and Internal Migration
62. Migration and Spatial Change in Global South

6. International Migration

63. International Migration
64. Immigrants' Health
65. Crisis-Driven Migration and Its Consequences
66. Immigrants' Socio-Economic Trajectories
67. Migration Measures: Methodological Issues
68. Out-Migration: Measures, Causes and Consequences
69. Multi-Sited Approaches of Migration

7. Migrant Populations

70. Migrant Populations
71. Immigrants' Structural Integration I: Labour Market
72. Naturalization and Citizenship
73. Immigrant Health and Mortality
74. Interethnic Union Formation and Dissolution
75. Fertility in Migrant Populations
76. Children of Immigrants
77. Immigrants' Structural Integration II: Education
78. Flash Session Migration and Migrants

8. Health, Wellbeing and Morbidity

5. Health, Wellbeing and Morbidity
79. Health, Wellbeing and Morbidity
80. Healthy Life Expectancies I
81. Global and Comparative Perspectives on Health and Mortality
82. Healthy Life Expectancies II
83. Health and Wellbeing in a Digital World
84. Obesity: Trends, Causes, Consequences
85. Early Life Conditions and Health
86. Health and Wellbeing of Migrants
87. Civil Status and Health
88. Linked Lives: Grandparents, Parents, and Children
89. Employment, Occupational Characteristics, and Health
90. Work-Life Balance, Parenthood, and Health
91. Influences on Cognitive Function in Later Life
92. Healthcare Screening and Utilization
93. Mental Health and Wellbeing
94. Educational and SES Differences in Health and Wellbeing Over the Lifecourse

9. Mortality and Longevity

9. Mortality and Longevity
13. Mortality and Longevity
14. Infant and Child Mortality
15. Mortality Models
16. Family Dynamics and Survival Patterns
17. Oldest Old
18. Mortality Determinants
19. Causes of Death and Morbidity
20. National Trends in Life Expectancy and Mortality
21. Disparities in Survival and Mortality
22. Population Dynamics and Mortality

10. Historical Demography

23. Historical Demography
24. Health and Well-being of the Youngest: Infant and Child Mortality
25. Social Gradients in Mortality and Family Formation
26. Historical Family Demograhy

11. Data and Methods

4. Innovations in Demographic Data and Methods
27. Data and Methods
28. Data and Measures. Session within the Project of Excellence of the Department of Statistical Sciences of Padova University
29. Estimation Methods
30. Life Tables and Applications
31. Mortality Predictions
32. Methods for Fertility and Life Course Analysis. Session within the Project of Excellence of the Department of Statistical Sciences of Padova University.
33. Methods for Migration Research
34. PopTalk Mortality Analysis and Statistics: still room for cooperation?
35. New Frontiers in Population Research. Round Table of EAPS Working Groups.

12. Economics, Human Capital and Labor Markets

36. Economics, Human Capital and Labor Markets
37. Gender Perspectives. Session dedicated to the memory of Antonella Pinnelli
38. Ageing and Retirement
39. Human Capital, Wealth and Inter-Generational Transmission
40. Partner Formation, Union Dissolution and Consequences
41. Immigration, Human Capital and Integration
42. Unemployment and Labor Markets
43. Perspectives of Immigration and Their Integration
44. Aspiration, Education and Achievements

13. Policy Issues

3. Climate Change, Voting Behaviour and Family Policies: What role do demographic changes play?
45. Policy Issues
46. Policies on Parental Leave
47. Linking Policies, Health and Mortality
48. Policies on Gender and Reproductive Health and its impacts on population trends
49. Flash Session Policy and Practice

14. Development, Environment and Space

10. Health Consequences of Environmental and Climate Change
11. Migration in a Changing Climate
12. Demographic Transition and Environmental Change
999. Development, Environment and Space

16. EPC Sessions

1. Beyond EPC 2020: the First EAPS Webinar
8. EAPS PhD Network: Speed chit chats

17. Poster Sessions

P1. Poster Session Fertility, Family and the Life Course
P2. Poster Session Ageing, Health and Mortality
P3. Poster Session Migration, Economics, Environment, Methods, History and Policy