Session 58
Internal Migration and Urbanization

Note: Due to the pandemic the original sessions have been cancelled.
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Chair: Tiit Tammaru, University of Tartu

1. New Gateways in Sweden? Secondary Migration and Employment Careers of Newly Arrived MigrantsKaren Haandrikman , Stockholm University, Dept of Human Geography; Charlotta Hedberg, Umeå University; Guilherme Kenjy Chihaya Da Silva, Umeå Uni.

2. Places for Integration? The Socio-Spatial Distribution of Immigrants in German CitiesMarcel Helbig, WZB Berlin Social Science Center; Stefanie Jähnen , WZB Berlin Social Science Center.

4. Demographic Dynamics and Ethnic Geographies in Latvia: The Impact of Internal MigrationZaiga Krisjane , University of Latvia; Maris Berzins, University of Latvia; Janis Krumins, University of Latvia; Elina Apsite-Berina, University of Latvia; Toms Skadins, University of Latvia; Guido Sechi, University of Latvia.

5. Geographical Trajectories of Refugees in Sweden: Uncovering Patterns and Drivers of Inter-Regional (Im)MobilityLouisa Vogiazides , Stockholm University; Hernan Mondani, Stockholm University.

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