Session 99
Relationship Development

Note: Due to the pandemic the original sessions have been cancelled.
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Chair: Ausra Maslauskaite, Vytautas Magnus University

1. Relationship Quality and Cohabitor’s Family Transitions. How Country Context Shapes (UN)Happy Couples’ Transitions to Marriage, Childbearing, and Partnership Dissolution.Niels Blom , The University of Southampton; Brienna Perelli-Harris, University of Southampton.

2. Relationship Quality in Hungary – Possible Trajectories and DeterminantsDávid Erát , University of Pécs.

3. Married or Not. A Multifactor Approach to Marriage and Cohabitation in Canada, 1991–2011.Benoit Laplante , Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS).

4. Marriage Counterfactuals in Japan: Variation by Gender, Marital Status, and TimeMartin Piotrowski , University of Oklahoma; Erik Bond, Miyazaki International College; Ann M. Beutel, University of Oklahoma.

5. How Alternatives Affect the Development of Non-Cohabiting Partnerships: A Multidisciplinary PerspectiveRichard Preetz , University of Oldenburg; Andreas Filser, Institute for Employment Research (IAB).

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