Session 126
Effects of Economic and Political Uncertainty on Fertility

Note: Due to the pandemic the original sessions have been cancelled.
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Chair: Ewa Cukrowska-Torzewska, University of Warsaw

1. The Impact of Sociopolitical Instability on Demographic Behavior (USSR/Post-Soviet Russia: A Case Study)Yuri Frantsuz , Institute of Sociology of Russian Academy of Sciences; Eduard Ponarin, National Research Institte-High School of Economics.

2. Economic Constraints and Fertility in Europe: The Role of EducationRaffaele Guetto, University of Florence; Daniele Vignoli, University of Florence; Elena Pirani , Florence University.

3. Fertility Intentions and Economic Uncertainty in Norway: Which Uncertainty Matters?Trude Lappegard , University of Oslo; Lars Dommermuth, Statistics Norway; Axel Peter Kristensen, University of Oslo; Daniele Vignoli, University of Florence; Alessandra Minello, University of Florence.

4. Unemployment and Fertility in Italy. A Regional Level Data Panel Analysis.Gabriele Ruiu , Università degli Studi di Sassari; Marco Breschi, Università degli Studi di Sassari.

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