Session 110
Life Course: Linked Lives

Note: Due to the pandemic the original sessions have been cancelled.
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Chair: Clara H. Mulder, University of Groningen

1. Oh Half-Brother, Where Art Thou? – Defining the Boundaries for Full- and Half-Sibling Interaction across the Life CourseLinus Andersson .

2. Similarity in Transition to Adulthood of Friends and School MatesNicola Barban , University of Essex; Nicoletta Balbo, Bocconi University; Anette E. Fasang, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.

3. Transition to Fatherhood and Changes in Smoking Behaviour. The Role of Partner’s Habit during PregnancyMarta Pasqualini , Università di Perugia; Luca Pieroni, University of Perugia; Anne McMunn, University College London.

4. Family, Fertility and Internal Migration in Norway: A Linked Lives PerspectiveMichael J. Thomas , Statistics Norway; Lars Dommermuth, Statistics Norway.

5. Who Stays in Their Birthplace? The Role of Intergenerational Ties, Family Characteristics, and the Geographic ContextJonne Thomassen , University of Groningen; Emma Lundholm, Umeå University; Gunnar Malmberg, Umeå University.

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