Demographic Dynamics and Ethnic Geographies in Latvia: The Impact of Internal Migration

Zaiga Krisjane , University of Latvia
Maris Berzins, University of Latvia
Janis Krumins, University of Latvia
Elina Apsite-Berina, University of Latvia
Toms Skadins, University of Latvia
Guido Sechi, University of Latvia

The effects of internal migration play a key role on socio-demographic change and population redistribution. The movement of people within countries determines spatial patterns of population and employment change. Despite the existence of sizeable Russian-speaking minority populations in the Baltics, relatively little is known about the internal migration behavior of different socio-demographic groups. This study aims to analyze age and ethnic dimensions in population redistribution due to internal migration in Latvia. We use measures of net migration and migration effectiveness in order to emphasize the importance of migration as a population redistribution mechanism. Our study analyses 2000 and 2011 Census, as well as available Population register data to provide an overview of patterns and trends in the geographies of internal migration for several age and ethnic groups. Our research finds evidence of different migration behavior with regard to ethnic background. The study indicates that internal migration fosters an increased residential clusterisation and demographic polarisation in the Riga metropolitan area.

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 Presented in Session 58. Internal Migration and Urbanization