Residential Mobility of Immigrants in Czechia: Exploratory Analysis of Register Data

Martin Šimon , Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Ivana Krížková, Charles University

Understanding mobility of immigrant populations is vital for economic inequality and social cohesion policies in many European countries. Immigration plays an increasing role in labour market in Czechia due to long term its low unemployment and continuing labour force shortage. However, research of immigrant populations has been limited to 2011 census data and small scale surveys. Recently, multiple years of individual register-based data were made available for researchers enabling them to study age, gender, housing and citizenship structure of immigrants with an unprecedented detail. In this paper we present exploratory analysis of the new data source focused on migrants from Ukraine and Vietnam as two larges minorities in Czechia. We compare migration intensity between groups and explore the links between migration and residential segregation in cities. In conclusion, we evaluate our findings with respect to previous knowledge about residential mobility of immigrants and relate it to other such studies across Europe.

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 Presented in Session 78. Flash Session Migration and Migrants